East New Market

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Hooper Family

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On 14 April 1783, Henry Hooper married Mary Ennalls.  They owned land near New Market, but not within the town limits.  They had at least four children:  Anne (married John Craig 1809), Nancy (married Joseph Sulivane 1795), Sally (married John W. Henry 1811), and Henry Hooper (died before 1822).   The elder Henry Hooper died before 1803 and Mary Ennalls Hooper remarried to Levin Marshall on 13 December 1790.  Mary passed away before 1803 and Levin Marshall remarried to Mary Thomas on 26 February 1803.  See the Marshall Family for more information.

Levin Marshall and Margaret Thomas had two daughters:  Sarah R (married John H Barrow 1824), and Elizabeth Ann (married Thomas Hooper 1829)

Thomas Hooper married Elizabeth Ann Marshall on 28 March 1829.  They inherited a 3 acre lot that Levin Marshall had purchased in 1813.  These 3 acres comprise where the William Hooper House and the Marshall-Hubbard House currently stand. 

They had sons, William Hooper and Henry Hooper.  Thomas Hooper died before 1840 as Elizabeth Ann Hooper remarried to Robert Walker on 8 April 1840.  Robert Walker died before 1844.