East New Market

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Marshall Family

The Marshall Family played a prominent part in the earliest history of East New Market.

Major Thomas John Marshall was born in Northampton County, Virginia about 1725.  His first appearance in Dorchester County records was on 25 June 1768 when he purchased from Henry Trippe 500 acres of a tract called Carthagena.  This 500 acre tract adjoined to the west and southwest of the area that would become East New Market.

In 1773, Thomas John Marshall was age 48 when he died in Dorchester County.  His last will and testament was probated 6 May 1773.  He left to his wife, Sarah, all of his estate during her widowhood then all of his land to sons (1) John and (2) Theophilus Marshall.  He also named his other children (3) Patience (4) Sarah (5) Levin, (6) Mary, (7) Henry and (8) James.  John Anderton, Thomas Muir and Bartholomew Adams were witnesses.

(1) John Marshall was born around 1752.  On 28 January 1775, he married Frances Sherwood in Caroline County.  John Marshall died before 1785, as his widow remarried on 28 July 1785 to John Stevens.  In 1801, Frances Stevens sold her right to her late husband's land (Carthagena) to her son, Thomas Marshall.  John and Frances Marshall possibly had other children. but I have not found records that show this.  See the Stevens Family for more information about the children of John and Frances Stevens.

(1A) Thomas Marshall was born around 1776 near New Market.  On 7 September 1796, Thomas Marshall married Brittania Robinson.  In 1802, Thomas Marshall sold the land he inherited (200 acres of Carthagena) to William and James McDonald.  The McDonald's later sold the land to Joseph Ennalls (1804), who later sold the land to Henry Dickinson (1807).  An 1804 deed indicates Thomas Marshall was late of Dorchester County (left the county, not deceased).  On 15 January 1808, the Maryland State Legislature passed and Act annulling the marriage of Thomas and Brittania Marshall of Dorchester County.  The act mentions children, but does not provide names.  In the 1800 Census, the household of Thomas Marshill had one female under age 10.  On 13 January 1809 Brittania Marshall remarried to William Newton.  A Dorchester County marriage is recorded on 5 January 1815 for Thomas Marshall and Sarah Cowie.  It is not clear if this is the same Thomas Marshall.

(2) Theophilus Marshall gave a deposition in 1802 where he stated his age was 47.  Therefore he was born about 1855.  He married Elizabeth Sherwood around 1775.  She was a sister of Frances Sherwood, wife of John Marshall, his brother.  In 1779 Theophilus Marshall and his wife, Elizabeth, sold the land (200 acres of Carthagena) left to him by his father to his step-father John Stevens.  In 1784 Theophilus purchased a 13 1/4 acre tract to the immediate south of East New Market.  In 1787 he applied to the county for a license to keep an ordinary at his house in New Market. 

In 1796, Theophilus Marshall bought a vacant lot in New Market from James Sulivane for 35 pounds.  This L shaped lot encompassed part of the Johnny's Tavern property abutting Main Street and part of the Royal Lawns property abutting Railroad Avenue.  From roughly 1840 to 1950 part of this property was the site of the Old Trading PostThe other part was the site of the J. Buck Post Office.  Theophilus Marshall sold the property in 1803 for 60 pounds.  Since the price almost doubled in 7 years, Theophilus may have erected a store or small building on the property. 

Theophilus Marshall and his wife had a large family as the 1790 Census in Dorchester County shows them with 2 males over 16, 4 females over 16, 3 females under 16 and 9 slaves.   The 1800 Census in Dorchester County shows them with 3 males under 10, 2 males 10-15, 1 male 16-25, 1 male over 45, 2 females 10-15, 1 female 16-25, 1 female 26-44, 2 other free persons, and 10 slaves.  The names of two of his sons are William and John.

(2A) William Marshall was born 30 September 1779.  He married a lady named Elizabeth.  This may have been a second marriage.  He died in Dorchester County in 1820 and left three children:  Edward A, Lavinia Ann (married William Willoughby), and Elizabeth.

(2B) John Marshall was born 2 May 1794.  The birth was recorded in the records of the Great Choptank Parish. Dorchester County.  John was mentioned in the Will of his grandfather, Philip Sherwood.

(3) A Patience Marshall married William Phillips in Ann Arundel County on 6 December 1780.  It is unclear whether this is the same Patience Marshall who was a daughter of Thomas John Marshall.

(4) Sarah Marshall married Thomas Brereton of Somerset County on 26 February 1781.  A newspaper notice describes her as the daughter of Major Thomas Marshall.

(5) Levin Marshall was born around 1756.  On 13 December 1790, he married Mary Ennalls.  She was the widow of Henry Hooper.  In 1797, Levin Marshall and his brother Henry Marshall purchased a lot in New Market from Cyrus Mitchell.  In 1803 the Sheriff sold the good, chattels, and lands of Henry Marshall to pay off his debts.  Levin Marshall bought Henry Marshall's share of the property.  Mary Marshall likely passed away before 1803.  On 26 February 1803 Levin Marshall married Margaret Thomas.  (She was the daughter of Mr. Thomas and Mary. After Mr. Thomas died, his widow Mary remarried to Ezekiel Vickars). 

Sometime between 1797 and 1809, Levin Marshall and possibly Henry Marshall built the original part of what is today called the New Market House.  In 1809, Levin Marshall sold the New Market House to Levin White.  Levin Marshall owned other land in Dorchester County including some of the former Choptank Indian lands.  By 1813, he again purchased land within the New Market town limits when he bought a 3 acre parcel at auction from the estate of James Sulivane.  These 3 acres comprise the area where the William Hooper House and the William Hubbard House currently stand.  Levin Marshall and his wife Margaret were buried on this property.  Levin Marshall died on 24 August 1822 at age 66.  Margaret Marshall died on 16 July 1822 at age 45.  In 1832, his heirs requested a commission to divide his lands. He had two daughters, Elizabeth Ann and Sarah R.

(5A) Elizabeth Ann Marshall married Thomas Hooper on 28 March 1829.  The land commission of 1832 gave the 3 acres in East New Market to Thomas and Ann Hooper.  They had sons, William Hooper and Henry Hooper.  Thomas Hooper died before 1840 as Elizabeth Ann Hooper remarried to Robert Walker on 8 April 1840.  Robert Walker died before 1844.  See the Hooper Family for more information about Thomas and Ann Hooper.

(5B) Sarah R. Marshall married Thomas H. Barrow on 20 December 1824.  They had one daughter Sarah Elizabeth Barrow.  Sarah R. Marshall Barrow died before 1828.  Thomas H. Barrow remarried to Harriett Hodson on 19 November 1828.  Sarah Elizabeth Barrow married Robert Johnson on 13 February 1844.  The Barrow family briefly owned land in East New Market, but did not live in East New Market.

(6) Mary Marshall may have married John Oram in Dorchester County.

(7) Henry Marshall was born around 1761.  Henry Marshall married Eve Rothrock on 14 April 1798 in Baltimore.  Henry and Eve Marshall had at least two children, Levin Rothrock (1800-), and Sarah Weller.   A Henry Marshall also married Joan Mitchell on 5 September 1786.  This marriage is likely an earlier marriage for the same Henry Marshall as the Marshall family of East New Market were closely connected to Cyrus Mitchell.  From old letters from Henry Marshalls family it is found after Henry's second marriage, he briefly returned to Dorchester County (1800), and later lived in Baltimore (1803), Alexandria (1807-1816), Baltimore again (1817-1818), and in New Orleans (1822).

(8) James Marshall was likely the youngest child of Thomas John Marshall based on the order the children were listed in the will.  On 16 August 1799 a marriage is recorded in Dorchester County for a James Marshall to Nancy Jones.  The 1783 tax list shows Theophilus Marshall as an agent for James Marshall for land in Middle District of Dorchester County.  They are listed with Mary Marshall.

[An excellent resource for Marshall family is the Marshalls of Northampton Co., VA by Judy Marshall Stell.  Some of the information on this page is credited to her fine work.]