Allard Family

of Baltimore and New England

William Harris

William Harris was born around 1820 in Virginia.  He married a woman named Catherine.  She was born in Harlan County, Kentucky around 1814.  Some online family trees indicate the marriage of William Harris was to Catherine Ely and took place in Knox County, KY.  However, the marriage records for this county are online and the marriage is not listed. 

Dozens of these online family trees also list the incorrect parents for Catherine or list the wrong Catherine marrying William Harris.  Since Catherine, the wife of William Harris was born around 1814, she was not the daughter of William Ely and Mary Rawlings.  Catherine, the daughter of William Ely and Mary Rawlings was born around 1787.  Catherine, the wife of William Harris, did not bear her children while she was between the ages of 45 and 73.  It is widely reported online and in genealogical compilation books that Catherine's last name was Ely.  This may be true, but I have not seen a source that confirms this.

William and Catherine Harris had at least 12 children:

(1) Sophia Elizabeth was born around 1832 in Lee County.  She married Joe Thomas (1823-1880) around 1860.

(2) Hiram Harris was born around 1834 in Lee County.  On 5 March 1869, he married Martha Russell (b. ca. 1843).  They had at least four children:  George W., Mary J. R.C., and R.E.  Hiram died after 1900.

(3) Nancy was born around 1837 in Lee County.  She married John Thomas (b. 1830s).

(4) James Irvin was born around 1839 in Lee County.  On 27 August 1857, he married Mary Ann (Polly) Hall (b. 1836)

(5) Alexander P. was born 11 June 1839 in Lee County.  On 14 November 1857, he married Sarah Buckhart Ledford.  She was born 26 April 1837.  Alec died 9 June 1885.  Sarah died 5 June 1891.

(6) Rachel E. was born around 1841 in Lee County.  On 22 November 1865, she married Abraham C. Barber.  He was born in October 1837.  Abraham have previously been married and had at least three children by that marriage: Sarah J. (ca. 1857), Martha E. (ca. 1858), Alex (ca. 1860), and Sevilda (ca. 1862).   Rachel E. and Abraham had at least two children:  Littisha (ca. 1867), and John (July 1869).   Abraham died 6 April 1908.  Rachel died 11 July 1924.

(7) Sarah [Sally] was born around 1842 in Lee County.  

(8) Jane was born 3 May 1846 in Lee County.  On 7 March 1865, she married Franklin Harris.  He was born 15 July 1851 and died 8 May 1918.  Jane died 15 April 1923.

(9) Andrew was born around 1849 in Lee County.  On 15 December 1868, he married Susannah Mary Grabeel.  She was born around 1848 and died around 1870.  He remarried to Mary Ellen Church on 17 October 1871. 

(10) William Allen was born around 1855 in Lee County.  He married Nancy Miller.  

(11) David was born around 1857.  He married Nancy Woods.

(12) Louisa [Eliza?] was born around 1859.  She married Clinton Hooker.

(13) Ira Hudson was born around 1863.  He married Mary Hooker. 

1840 U.S. Federal Census (image 61, sheet 61)
Lee County, Virginia, Western district
William Harris - 1 male under 5, 1 male 5-10, 1 male 20-30, 
1 female under 5, 1 female 5-10, 1 female 20-30 - agriculture
1850 U.S. Federal Census (image 128)
Lee County, Virginia, district 31
                     age    born        occupation
William Harris        30     VA         farming
Catherine             34     VA
Elizabeth             18     VA
Hiram                 16     VA         farming
Nancy                 13     VA
Irvin                 11     VA
Alexander P.          10     VA
Rachel                 9     VA
Sarah                  8     VA
Jane                   7     VA
Andrew                 1     VA
1860 U.S. Federal Census (image 84, sheet 82)
Lee County, Virginia, the western district, Jonesville VA 
                     age    born        occupation
Catherine Harris      47    Harlan, KY  housekeeper
Hyram Harris          36    Lee Co. VA  farm labor
Rachael               17    Lee Co. VA
Sarah                 16    Lee Co. VA
Jane                  14    Lee Co. VA
Andrew                11    Lee Co. VA
Wm. A.                 9    Lee Co. VA
David                  4    Lee Co. VA
Louisa                 1    Lee Co. VA
(Catherine & Hyram can not read or write)
1870 U.S. Federal Census (image 27, sheet 27)
Lee County, Virginia, White Shoals Township, Jonesville P.O.
                     age    born        occupation
Catherine Harris      52    Lee Co. VA  keeping house
Sarah                 24    Lee Co. VA  wiltine? occupation
J? H (male)           17    Lee Co. VA  works on farm
William A.            15    Lee Co. VA  works on farm
David                 13    Lee Co. VA  works on farm
Louisa                11    Lee Co. VA  at home

William Harris died on 17 November 1859.