East New Market

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34 Main Street

Dr. A.L. Manning Framed Store House (ca. 1866)

The Historic American Buildings Survey (HABS) began during the Great Depression in December 1933, when the National Park Service submitted a proposal for one thousand out-of-work architects to spend ten weeks documenting "America's antique buildings."  Having operated under various administrative authorities for its first two years, HABS became a permanent program of the National Park Service in July 1934 and was formally authorized by Congress as part of the Historic Sites Act of 1935.  The photo of the William Riley House, the A.L. Manning Frame Store House, and the corn crib on the Manning property (left to right) is part of the collection and was taken in 1936.

Store House, Corn Crib

House of the Hinges Outbuilding 1936The Dr. A.L. Manning framed store house is first mentioned in an 1866 tax record.  The enhanced cropped version of the 1936 photo to the right shows a close-up of the framed store house.  From the photo above it is hard to gauge the exact location of the structure.  It appears to be almost at the edge of the road and near the southeast corner of the lot.  However, the 1922 Sanborn Fire Map then identifies the structure as a dwelling and places it closer to the center of the lot and even with the front of the brick hotel.  The 1877 map places the structure even with the road in the center of the lot.  It is very possible the structure was moved on this property between 1877 and 1922 and again by 1936. 

The framed store house was moved after 1936 to a lot on the south side of Academy Street, just west of Creamery Road.  The structure was used as a house at its original location on the same lot as the Brick Hotel since the 1920s.  It continues to be used as a house today.

James Cheesman (b. 1895) state that Sammie Jones lived in this house.  Anna Lee Moxey stated that he was a little man and a hunchback.  Cheesman went on to state that the house was moved down the street out of town to Minnie's property.

A.L. Manning Frame Store House