Turpin of Delaware

by Mary Caroline Turpin Layton 9/13/1875 -3/4/1957

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III. Third Generation - Solomon Turpin

Solomon Turpin (Solomon', William') was born in Somerset County, Maryland, but his parents soon moved to Dorchester County in the disputed territory between that was claimed by both Lord Baltimore and William Penn, and the suit was in the Court of Chancery in England over half a century. when the Mason and Dixon Line was established in 1773 much land that belonged to the Province of Maryland became part of Delaware, which at that time belonged to William Penn (heirs) and was known as the three lower counties on the Delaware.

Solomon Turpin died in 1776, leaving one son,Joseph,and five daughters. To his son Joseph he left 300 A. not named in will. His lands Bermuda, St. Davids, Turpins Choice and Turpins Addition were devised to his two youngest daughters, Rebecca and Elizabeth. His married daughters, Love Moore, Sarah Mastin, and Mary Clarkson were to receive one shilling. Evidently he had previously given them their share.

i. JOSEPH TURPIN; married Rachael Baynard.
ii. Love Turpin; married---- Moore.
iii. 3arah Turpin; married ---- Mastin.
iv. Mary Turpin; married-----Clarkson
v. Rebecca Turpin; married Thomas Layton.
vi. Elizabeth Turpin.

Sussex County Deeds ii, page 290 Jan. 7, 1786
Thomas Layton, house carpenter, and Rebecca his wife to John Baynard of Kent County, Delaware, land called Turpin's Addition. Devised to said Rebecca by Solomon Turpin, father of Rebecca.
Witnesses: John Laws, David Nutter, Isaac Bradley.

Original will of Solomon Turpin A 103, page 35
Hall of Records, Dover. Del
Feb. 9, 1776. Solomon Turpin, Sussex County, Delaware.
To son Joseph: All land on Back Creek, etc., 300 A.
To daughter Love Moore: 1 a.
To daughter Mary C1arkson: 1 a.
Balance of land in four tracts, Bermuda, St. Davids, Turpins Choice and Turpins Addition to youngest daughters, Rebecca Turpin and Elizabeth Turpin.

Witnesses: Jesse Cannon, William Cannon